About Us

Why should Customers choose Safbuild for their refurbishment and fit-out projects?
  1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY – our Staff boasts decades of remarkable experience in coordinating commercial and residential building and renovation projects also complying with Quality System requirements  
  1. TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – our staff, our suppliers and our partners are all focused in the achievement of full customer satisfaction and work together with Architects and Interior Designers to fit the requirements of the most demanding Customers
  1. “MADE IN ITALY” ADDED VALUE – Made in Italy design products can add prestige to old and new buildings thus appealing to the most demanding customers and increasing the commercial value of such properties on the construction market
  1. ENERGY SAVING – our high performing products and devices ensure real energy saving improvement in order to comply with the new statutory requirements and grant to the residents considerable money saving over time.
  1. ECO-FRIENDLINESS & INDOOR AIR QUALITY – our selected products guarantee maximum eco-friendliness and improvement of health care and well-being in the residential, commercial and leisure facilities 

  1. COST-EFFECTIVENESS – we guarantee the best price-performance ratio.
    We also combine Made in Italy design products with high quality and cutting edge technologies at a competitive price.
  1. QUALITY ASSURANCE – we select our partners checking their premises, their working processes, their Quality Control system and their logistic department in order to ensure the best service to our customers  
  1. PRE-SALES CUSTOMER’S ASSISTANCE – we assist our customers and their designers in selecting the best products for their projects by accurate check of required technical specifications,  detailed presentation of the products and transfer of complete technical datasheets. Our technicians are available to perform Onsite Inspection in order to verify measures and installation requirements. Our quotations show a detailed description of the supplies and the services to be provided with complete delivery/installation timetable
  1. MONITORED DELIVERIES & WAREHOUSING – our staff keeps updated delivery tracking record of all shipments. We provide delivery onsite control check (to be carried out together with the customer) in order to verify Packaging Integrity, exact content and perfect conditions of the supplies. After our inspection, a dedicated form will be filled in with all the control check details. Warehousing service is available on request
  1. POST-SALES CUSTOMER’S ASSISTANCE - we provide our customers with all the needed post-sales services.