Refurbishment and fit-out
We specialise in refurbishment and fit-out in residential, commercial and hospitality projects. 

We are ready to listen to our clients' dreams and help make them come true, no matter the size and nature of the project.

We provide turn-key solutions starting from advice in the design phase to handover.

Our staff are entirely focused on providing full assistance to customers in any kind of services required,

coordinating all the activities from the design phase to project management, after-sales support, installation and maintenance services.
Consultancy for Real Estate Investors
We partner with different professionals to give full support to investors who are looking for residential and commercial properties

in the UK and overseas (mainly Italy, Spain, Portugal, France).

   Our services include: land/property finding, planning permissions, architectural services, legal and financial service, budgeting,

project management, tenancy management.
Our product range
Thanks to our long experience in the construction market in Italy, we have a strong relationship with many reliable manufacturers

and brilliant artisans in different fields.

So we can provide our UK customers with very high quality Made-in-Italy products which 
can be genuinely tailored according to the

specific, unique and individual needs of each client.

Our products range from bespoke joinery, marble and stones, ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass doors and partitions, sanitary ware, etc.

to special devices for indoor air quality and energy saving. 


Whenever our customers rely completely on us and feel that they have found the right partner to accompany them in the fulfilment of their residential, commercial and hospitality projects, then we have achieved our target.

Should any possible challenges arise, we are committed to resolving them in a timely manner.


              SOME OF OUR BRANDS                        

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