Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery



Thesan Aircare is used to combat indoor air pollution; this single room air filter treats and filters the air, at the same time consuming very little energy thanks to its low power consumption and high performing heat recovery.
Thesan Aircare fully complies with Domestic and Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guides - 2013 Edition
With its streamlined design, Thesan Aircare easily fits into any room and changes and filters the air noiselessly, thanks to its effective and silent technology, very discreetly contributing to the health of occupants.
Thesan Aircare is an innovative Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system that guarantees the airflow required by international standards; it has a filtering grade of up to G4+F9 (Coarse 45% + ePM1 80% according to EN ISO 16890), capable of trapping up to 99% of fine particulate matter PM10 and PM2,5 and 80% of
It achieves an excellent level of air protection and treatment, and it is also effective at blocking the risk of Radon pollution because Thesan Aircare works by pressurising the whole environment to stop the gas from rising.
Thesan Aircare is designed to have an excellent quality-price-consumption ratio, making it the perfect answer for affordable good Indoor Air Quality.


Indoor air pollution, as testified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is higher than air pollution outdoors.
This is a dramatic social health problem that can also be addressed with adequate ventilation systems that can change, filter and treat the air with low energy consumption, to reduce indoor pollutants to levels that are not dangerous for people.
The real problem is that in many cases we are not aware of the danger, because many air pollutants cannot be seen or smelt and others are even considered healthy or sanitising.
Radon and carbon monoxide are dangerous substances that we cannot see or smell. We can’t see or smell dust mites either, but they can pose serious health problems to people with allergies.
Other pollutants that are considered "healthy" actually include substances contained in room fresheners and household cleaning products: one of the most harmful of these is limonene.
There are also other substances that we easily adapt to in 15 minutes – most of them are smells and bio-effluents from the human metabolism.
A classic example of this is the "stale air" you smell when you enter an office full of people or a classroom during a lesson. The people who are already in that environment do not smell it because they have "adapted" to it: this is another form of indoor air pollution and it should not be underestimated.
The sick building syndrome is another relevant matter regarding inadequately ventilated environments.
Last but not least, many buildings constructed and furnished dozens of years ago are still "contaminated" by what are now totally forbidden substances.

Available models


The standard version mounted over the window frame consists of a body, which is mounted in the upper part of the window and cut to fit the size of it.
Available sizes are 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 mm.
The body hosts the core part of the system, which is quickly mounted on top of it with reinforcement supports, to be fixed with screws to profiles with max 170 mm thickness.



The custom version consists of a back box, recessed into the wall, which contains the core part of the system. It can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position and is provided with an inlet / outlet kit (various kits are available according to installation mode) to connect the machine with the external air.
The system is provided with a white Aluminium cover.
The system is also available in a naked version (without backbox) to be installed in the roller shutter box.




The wall mounted version consists of an elegant white cover, which hides the core part of the system and is fixed to the wall.
It can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position and is provided with an inlet / outlet pipe to connect the machine with the external air. The minimum pipe length available by manufacturer is 100 mm, the max length is 450 mm. End-users can install longer piping if needed.


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