Sanitary Ware



GSG Ceramic Design creates ceramic accessories for the bathroom with a strong personality, able to evoke suggestive atmospheres.

The company is engaged in continuous technical and aesthetical research and uses innovation and high professional skills to create exclusive objects.


SMART CLEAN - Intelligent Flushing System  
Smart Clean is the new and revolutionary exhaust system tested by GSG Ceramic Design. 

The special shape of the WC makes water flush in rotatory motion, which guarantees better cleanliness.
Thanks to the rimless design water flows directly on the full internal surface of the WC, avoiding the formation of bacteria in areas that are normally difficult to clean.
Cleaning the external surface of the WC is extremely easy thanks to the quick release system of the seat cover, which can be unhooked and removed very simply and rapidly.


Time collection combines classical elegance with modern technology and functionality.
Retro style is reinterpreted in a contemporary way thanks to best avant-garde materials and modern design. The shapes of Time collection evoke the classical concept of “master bathroom” where luxury is a distinctive mark, thanks to the use of gold and silver, as well as the decorative motifs inspired by the art of the early twentieth century. The archetypes of classical forms are maintained, while the more baroque sections are abandoned in favour of a clever, ironic, and fundamentally ornamental style. Past and Present then coexist, overcoming the barriers of time and being at full service of the bathroom aesthetics.



Bool is a series of ceramic lamps inspired by old spherical bulb lamps, reinterpreted in an ironic and contemporary style. Available in 12 colours and two sizes: diameter 40 cm and 16 cm. They are available in the suspended and wall mounted versions. The 40 cm bulb type can also be proposed as a floor lamp 160 cm high. The aesthetic effect and the innovative use of ceramics give to architectural spaces the right balance between originality and tradition. They are also recommended for living spaces.

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